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Ahmedabad, founded in 15th century by Sultan Ahmed Shah, is one of the largest city of India and the former capital of Gujarat state. Ahmedabad, the largest city in the state of Gujarat, provides a perfect blend of old and modern tourist attractions. This growing metropolitan city has at one end bustling malls and shopping centres, and at the other end the city has some of the oldest monuments that stand as showcase to the cultural heritage of Ahmedabad. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, this historical cum modern city is a rising center of tourism.

Ahmedabad is also popular among travellers for its linkage to the father of nation, Mahatama Gandhi. There are numerous places here that can take travellers through the life and historical events associated with  Mahatama Gandhi. Ahmedabad also boasts of its religious and cultural diversity with the support of some of the oldest and magnificent temples and mosques in the country. The city also welcomes tourists with open hands during the famous festivals of Navaratri - the nine night celebration with people performing ‘Garba’ - the folk dance of Gujrat and ‘Uttarayan’ - an annual kite-flying festival on Makar Sankranti that is attended by travellers from all over the world.

The city is famous for its association with the father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi, who had established his ashram on the bank of the river Sabarmati (Ahmedabad) for the non-violent movement for India's independence. The Sabarmati Ashram is a popular tourist attraction in the city that also holds a museum inside. Ahmedabad also has some historical monuments that are known for their splendid architecture including Teen Darwaza, Jhulta Minar, Adalaj stepwell and Bhadra Fort. The major religous travel attractions here are Juma Masjid, Sayed mosque, Vaishno Devi temple, Akshardham temple and ISKCON temple. There are also multiple museums in Ahmedabad that are worth a visit for travellers including Calico textile museum, Veechar Utensil museum, and Lalbhai Dalpatbhai museum.

Ahmedabad city is mainly divided into two parts, the old city, and the new city, where the old city is narrow and crowded, the new city is well planned with its huge buildings and well-structured, wide roads. Ahmedabad, often described as the Manchester of the East, is a major commercial and industrial city with its chemical, petroleum and textile industries.

Climate in Ahmedabad is very hot and humid during the summers and the best time for travellers to visit the city is from the month of October to March. 

Ahmedabad History - Gujarat Tourism

Archaeological evidence suggest that the modern Ahmedabad site was earlier occupied by Solanki dynasty and called as Ashapalli. The modern city of Ahmedabad was founded by Ahmed Shah in 1411. Under his rule the city became a prosperous commercial, trading and industrial city. The merchants and bankers created an efficient and sophisticated banking network across the state.

Gujarat was later conquered by the Sultanate of Delhi at the end of 13th century. In 1487 Mahmud Begada, the grandson of Ahmed Shah, fortified the city with an outer city wall six miles in circumference and consisting of 12 gates, 189 bastions and over 6,000 battlements to protect it from outside invaders.

In 1573, Gujarat was conquered by Mughal emperor Akbar in 1573. Under Mughal's rule Ahmedabad became more powerful trade centre especially in textiles, which were exported as far as Europe. The rule also built Surat as a rival commercial centre to Ahmedabad.

In 1753, Maratha armies captured the city and ended Mughal rule in Ahmedabad. Later in the early 20th century, Gujarat became an important centre for the Independence struggle with the salt satyagraha of 1930 organized by Mahatma Gandhi being an important milestone in the freedom struggle.


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