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About Aihole - Karnataka Tourism

Aihole, the first capital of Chalukya dynasty, is an important travel destination in Karnataka with more than 100 ancient temples that dates back to Chalukyan period. The city is located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, on the banks of river Malaprabha. Aihole is popular among tourists for its rock cut caves and temples and their unique architecture. 

The main tourist attractions of Aihole are its ancient temples that are close to 100 in numbers divided into 22 groups. These temples are of great interest for visitors with interest in ancient history and architecture. Aihole temples are considered to be an important illustration of the temple architecture of early Chalukyan style. These temples were built in different styles as rock shrines by artisans from that period. Aihole was the experimentation ground for artisans from Chalukyan period, with the architectural style further developed in Badami and reached its pinnacle in Pattadakkal. The unique features of Chalukyan period temple architecture were flat or slighly sloping roofs, emphasis on length, and beautiful carvings on ceilings. 

There are 100 of temples scattered in the city with superb architectures and sculptures. The prominent group of temples in Aihole that are a must visit for travellers, are the Kontigudi group and the Galaganatha group of temples. The Kontigudi group of temples is a set of three temples consisting of the Lad Khan temple, Huchiappayyagudi temple and the Huchiappayya math. The Galaganatha group of Aihole has nearly 30 temples scattered on the bank of the river Malaprabha. Another important tourist attraction in Aihole is Durga temple that has a very unique architecture with apsidal plan and non-apsidal curvilinear shikhara. The most interesting sculptures and carvings would be found in Lad Khan temple, Durga temple, Hucchhappayya and Huchimalli temples. There are also some rock cut cave temples in Aihole that may be of interest to travelers.

Aihole History - Karnataka Tourism

Aihole, also known as Arya-vole, has huge historical importance and is well known for its Hindu rock cut temples and their splendid architecture. The Indian mythology says that this was the place where Parshurama washed his axe after killing the Kshatriyas. The rock temples of Aihole were built by the Chalukyas who had their capital here. The Chalukyas then moved their capital to Badami (known as Vatapi earlier), and used the learnings from Aihole to build the great temples of Pattadakal. The temples of Aihole dates back to 5th-6th century and 12th century.

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