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About Almora - Uttarakhand Tourism

Almora is a small town in the Himalayas that is popular among tourists for its natural beauty and charm. Located at a height of 1645 m above sea level, this picturesque district is surrounded by the Pithoragarh district in east, and Garhwal region in the west. The panoramic landscape of Almora provides an unforgettable experience to travelers.  The green mountain ranges surrounding the town, along with the gushing Koshi and Suyal rivers makes the scenic beauty of this hill station uncomparable. Apart from the natural beauty, Almora is also famous among tourists for its ancient temples, rich culture and heritage and handicrafts.

The town of Almora is located at the foothills of a crescent shaped mountains, surrounded by green mountain ranges and valleys. The town is also known for its growing business and commercial presence in the state of Uttarakhand. There is a lot for travellers to shop in the town including garments, handicrafts, and paintings. One of the well known shopping item here is the Angora cloth, which is made from the Angora rabbits. 

Almora is famous among tourists, as the town of temples, with the many holy temples located in and around the city. One of the main temple in Almora is the temple of Goddess Nanda Devi located in the center of town. The other important temples in the town are Chitai temple, Kasar Devi temple and Katarmal Sun temple. There are also some picturesque picnic spots near Almora that provide panoramic view of the region including Kalimath, Bright End Corner and Simtola

History of Almora - Uttarakhand Tourism

Almora town was founded by Raja Balo Kalyan Chand in 1563 A.D. in the northern part of Uttarakhand. In the 9th century AD (before its establishment), the region around Almora was ruled by the Katyur dynasty. Almora was then capital city of Chand Rulers. By 16th century it was ruled by rulers from Chandravansh.

In 1790 Almora was annexed by the Nepali Gorkhas and finally the British had taken over the control of this place from Gorkhas in 1815. Further development of Almora had been done by the British. It is said that Swami Vivekananda visited and meditated in this region in 1890s.

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