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Narmada Udgam - Amarkantak

Built at the origin of river Narmada, Narmdeshwar temple is an ancient, important temple dedicated to Maa Narmada in Amarkantak. Narmada Udgam is an open ‘Kund' at the origin of river Narmada in Amarkantak.



Mai ki Bagiya - Amarkantak

About 1 Km. from Narmada Kund, Mai ki Bagiya is one of the prettiest locations in Amarkantak spotted with endless varieties of Mangoes, Bananas and so many other fruits along with flowery plants.



Sonmuda - Amarkantak

About 2 km away from Narmadakund in Amarkantak, Sonemuda is the origin Point of Sone River. The location is awesome with its scenic beauty and is famous as a “sunrise” point.

Kapildhara - Amarkantak

At a distance of 8 Km from the origin of river Narmada in Amarkantak, Kapildhara is an eye catching waterfall of 100 ft. height, famous for its heavenly feeling.



Dudh Dhara - Amarkantak

At a distance of 1 Km. from Kapildhara in Amarkantak, Dudh Dhara is a quite and tranquil falls with just 10 ft. high stream, famous for the scenic beauty. It lies on the western corner of the Amarkantak valley amidst thick forest.



Dhuni Pani - Amarkantak

Dhuni Pani in Amarkantak is a natural Hot Spring. It is believed that the water of the spring has an elixir like property by which it can heal the people from fatal diseases.



Bhrigumanda l- Amarkantak

Around 3 Km. from Amarkantak on a difficult forest trek route, Bhrigumandal is the place where Bhrigu Rishi believed to have meditated. Main attraction of this spot is the rock formation which looks like a Kamandal.



Kabir Chabutra - Amarkantak

Kabir Chabutra is an important tourist attraction, especially amongst Saint Kabir followers. Kabir Chabutra is the holy place where Saint Kabir believed to have spent many years in meditation to attain new heights of spiritual power.



Jwaleshwar Mahadev - Amarkantak

Situated at a distance of 8 km from Amarkantak on Shahdol road, the temple of Jwaleshwar Mahadev is situated at the origin of river Johilla amidst deep forest.



Shambhudhara and Durgadhara - Amarkantak

Situated amidst the deep forest at a distance of few kilometers from Amarkantak, there are two other extremely beautiful waterfalls that are worth a visit for tourists.

Sonakshi Shakti Peeth - Amarkantak

Sonakshi Shaktipeeth Temple is a lovely religious spot situated near Sonemuda that attracts tourists not only for religious importance but also for its enchanting view of Satpura ranges.




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