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Amarkantak is a beautiful city that is famous among tourists for being the origin of River Narmada and River Sone. This scenic city, situated at a height of 3500 ft, is located at the meeting point of Satpura and Vindhya  mountrain ranges in the state of Chhattisgarh. The natural beauty of Amarkantak leaves a mesmerizing experience among tourists with its green hilly surroundings and diverse flora and fauna. 

Amarkantak, also known as "Teerathraj", attracts thousands of Hindu devotees and tourists from all over India through out the year. It is believed among the Hindus that whoever dies at Amarkantak is assured a place in heaven. The main tourist attraction here is the Narmada kund, the place from where River Narmada originates. There are numerous temples surrounding the Narmada kund including Shiva temple, Kartikey temple, and Annapurna temple. Other important tourist attractions are Sonemuda - the originating point of River Sone; Kabir Chabutra - where Sant Kabir spent many years doing meditation. There are also some beautiful waterfalls around the city including Dudh Dhara and KapilDhara.   

According to mythological belief, Narmada is the daughter of Lord Shiva and there are many temples dedicated to Maa Narmada in Amarkantak. It is also mentioned in the folklore, that River Narmada was given the blessing by Lord Shiva to have unique purifying powers. It is said that even River Ganga after getting polluted beyond tolerance comes every year to take purifying dip in River Narmada. 

The unique natural diversity of surrounding areas of Amarkantak region gives it many rare plants of high medicinal value. In the hills of plateau surrounding Amarkantak, lies some of the most primitive tribals of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh region including Korwas and Pandavas.


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