Attractions around Hampi

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Anegodi was the capital of the region before it was shifted to Hampi. Currently, Anegodi is a small farming village situated on the opposite bank of river which is famous for a big Anegodi fort, Bukka‘s aqueduct; Chandramouliswara Temple and Pampa Sarovar.



Kamalapura is a small village located at the southern fringe of Hampi ruins. The major attractions of Kamalapura are Archaeological museum, Ganigitti temple, and Bhima’s gateway- an entrance to the walled city.

Matunga Hill

Matunga Hill is at a central location in Hampi that provides a picturesque view of Hampi along with Sunrise and Sunset.

Anjaneya Hill

Anjaneya hill believed to be the birthplace of Hanuman is located in the center of Anegondi area. At the top of the hill is the temple dedicated for Hanuman, the monkey god.


Bellary, situated 60 km from Hampi, is the second fastest growing city in the state of Karnataka. Bellary is known for the second largest single rock mountain in the world. There is also the Bellary fort built on top of Fort hill.

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