Attractions around Kurukshetra



Jhansa, 20 km from Kurukshetra, is a village famous for its river and canals, and the Markanda temple, built on the banks of the Markanda River. There is a beautiful scenic view in the village where SYL Bhakhra Canal and Markanda River intersects.

Rantuka Yaksh, Bir Pipli

Rantuka Yaksh, Bir Pipli is a holy shrine of Hindus. It was the entry point to the holy land of Kurukshetra from where pilgrims initiate their pilgrimage of Kurukshetra by taking a dip in waters of Saraswati.



Thanesar is supposed to be the birth place of the great ruler Harsha Vardhana. Thanesar is a sacred town for Hindus; it is believed that the Shiva in the form of lingam (organ) was first worshipped here.


Raja Karan Ka Tila

Raja Karan Ka Tila is a small mound which has yielded some objects of historic importance.



Asthipura, another tourist spot near Kurukshetra, is an archeological site lies to the west of Thanesar and to the south of Aujas Ghat. It is believed to be the place where the bodies of the persons slain in the Mahabharata battle are said to have been cremated.

Bhagwanpura & Daulatpur

Bhagwanpura & Daulatpur, situated in the north-west of Thaneshwar- Ladwa Road, are prehistoric sites which present the overlap between the late Harappan and the Painted Grey Ware cultures. Bhagwanpura is located at a distance of 15 km from Kurukshetra and Daulatpur is about 5 km.


Pehowa is an ancient and sacred place of Hindus, known for beautiful temples and temple murals.


Pashupatinath Temple, Pehowa

Pasupati Nath Temple near Kurukshetra is an architectural grandeur of Pehowa, built around 17th Century.


Prachi Tirtha

Prachi Tirtha (28 km) is one of the important pilgrimages of Kurukshetra, famous for temples. Some temples of dated back to 17th-18th century are still stand on the bank of the Prachi tirtha.


Saraswati Tirtha, Pehowa

Saraswati tirth, Pehowa, 26 km from Kurukshetra, is one of the supreme pilgrimages dedicated to the Vedic river ‘Saraswati’ where thousands of people come to offer Pind daan to their ancestral souls.

Brahmayoni Tirtha, Pehowa

Brahmayoni tirath, located at 26 km from Kurukshetra in Pehowa town, is famous as a sacred place to attain the Brahmlok. As mentioned in the Vaman puran, it is here that lord Brahama conceived the concept of caste viz Brahman,Kshetria, Vaishya and Shudhra at Brahmayoni.

Prithudak Tirtha, Pehowa

Prithudak Tirtha, located at 26 km from Kurukshetra in Pehowa town, is considered to be the most important tirtha named after King Prithudak, that gives all the merits that one can attain from a tirtha.

Arunai Tirtha

Arunai Tirtha, 31 km from Krukshetra, is famous for the temple of Sangmaeshwar Mahadev adjoining to a small tank; it is one of the important pilgrimages associated with the saints Vashishta and Vishwamitra.


Phalgu Tirtha, Pharal

Phalgu tirtha, located at Pharal about 33 km away from Kurukshetra,  is a sacred place of hindus, treated as Gaya of Northern India which enables the people to perform ‘Pind daan’ throughout the year.


Pavanhrad Tirtha, Pavnava

Pavanhrad Tirtha- Pavnava, 18 km away from Kurukshetra, is the only tirtha associated with Pavan (Wind God). According to Vaman Puran and Padma Puran, Pavanhrad is supreme among the 49 Maruta tirthas and those who take a holy dip here achieve highest status in the Vayulok.

Kapil Muni Tirtha

Kapil Muni tirtha, 80 km from Kurukshetra, is one of the popular pilgrimages of ancient Kurukshetra called 48 kosa Kurukshetra Bhumi. The tirtha is dedicated to Saint Kapila, the author of Sankhya philosophy.



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