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Jagdalpur - Bastar

Bastar has a lot to offer to its visitors with its valuable art and culture that lie in and around the green and beautiful city Jagdalpur. Sage Valmiki in his ‘Ramayana’ described this forest region as ‘Dandakaranya’


Danteshwari Temple - Bastar

82 km from Jagdalpur in Dantewada (Bastar), there is an ancient temple of Devi Danteshwari which is believed to be one among the 52 sacred Shakti pithas of the Hindu Mythology.



Bastar Palace

Bastar Palace is an historical monument located in Jagdalpur that was built by the rulers of Bastar State. The Bastar Palace is an extensive and impressive fort that glitters in the sun and signifies the history of Bastar.

Kanger Valley National Park - Bastar

Located on the banks of Kholaba River in Chhattisgarh, Kanger Valley National Park is one of the most beautiful and picturesque national parks of India spread over an area of approximately 200 sq km.


Kutumsar Cave - Bastar

Located at a distance of 38 Km from Jagdalpur in Bastar in Kanger Forest, this 330 metres long underground cave is known as the second longest natural cave in the world.


Kailash cave - Bastar

40 km from Jagdalpur, Kailash cave is a long, dark cave located on a small hill in the Kanger Valley National Park.



Dandak Cave - Bastar

Discovered in 1995, this 200 meter long underground cave is divided into two compartments, visitors have to go on their knees to go from the first compartment to the second.



Tirathgarh Waterfall - Bastar

35 km south of Jagdalpur in Bastar, Tirathgarh Waterfall is a 300 ft high waterfall situated amidst greenery in the Kanger forest. This waterfall is very beautiful; because of its white colour it looks like "Milky Fall".



Chitrakot Waterfall - Bastar

Situated at a distance of 50 Km to the west of Jagdalpur in Bastar, Chitrakot is a gorgeous waterfall that is considered as the largest waterfall in India.



Dalpat Sagar - Bastar

A major source of fish, Dalpat Sagar is the largest artificial lake in Chhattisgarh created over 400 years ago by Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya to harvest rain water.

Mandawa Waterfall - Bastar

20 km from Tokapal of Jagdalpur in Bastar district, Mandawa waterfall is a natural treat and a beautiful picnic spot.



Chitradhara Waterfall - Bastar

19 km from Jagdalpur in Bastar, Chitradhara waterfall is a beautiful picnic spot that is situated in Potanar village.


Thamada Ghumar Waterfall - Bastar

A recently discovered waterfall in Lohandiguda block, the Thamada Ghumar water fall is formed with rain water. Its height is more than 100 feet and is surrounded by green fields on both sides.

Bairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Bastar

Dotted with breathtaking landscapes, Bairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its exotic scenic beauty. The sancuary is spread over an area of 139 sq kms. The sanctuary is mainly famous for Chital.



Bhainsa Darha - Bastar

63 Km from Jagdalpur in Bastar, Bhainsa Darha is large lake formed in the middle of thick bamboo forests covering an area of 4 hectares.



Barsoor - Bastar

Located at 75 km from Jagdalpur on the banks of the Indravati, Barsoor is famous for its temples and ponds.



Anthropological Museum - Bastar

Anthropological Museum was established in Jagdalpur in the office of the Anthropological Survey of India for the purpose of providing a perfect picture of the culture and lifestyles of various adivasi tribes in Bastar.



Indravati National Park - Bastar

Indravati National Park, the most famous wildlife park and the only Tiger Reserve of Chhatisgarh, is located in Dantewada at the distance of 145 km from Jagdalpur in beautiful hill ranges.




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