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Daman and Diu Tourism

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Daman and Diu are the second smallest Union Territory in India that lies sandwiched between Arabian Sea, and the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Daman and Diu were a part of the Portuguese rule along with the regions of Pondicherry, Goa and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. These two cities were brought under the rule of Indian Government in the year 1961, being a part of Goa till 1987. Daman and Diu were constituted as separate Union Territory in the year 1987. These two cities, Daman and Diu are separated from each other by a distance of 650 kilometres. 

Situated on the Western coast of India bordered by the Arabian Sea, Daman district is spread in an area of 28 Sq. KM. Daman is popular among travelers, especially among the local travellers from Maharashtra and Gujarat for its beautiful beaches and easy & cheap availability of alcohol. There are also several beautiful historical monuments in Daman including ancient forts, and beautiful churches standing as an example of blend of Indian and Portuguese architecture. 

Diu is surrounded by the Saurashtra region of Gujarat and has a scenic sea shore with some popular beaches. These beautiful sandy beaches of Diu are very attractive for tourists, lined up by coconut and palm trees. Like Daman, Diu was also under the control of Portguese in the past and the forts and churches are still witness of same with their ancient Gothic style of architecture. Diu was an important trading post and naval base in the early 14th-16th centuries. The main travel attractions of Diu are its scenic beaches, Forts, museums, and churches. 


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