Daman Tourist Attractions

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Devka Beach - Daman

Devka beach is the most famous beach with clean water and well maintained shore characterized by sun-kissed sands, and a peaceful ambiance.



Jampore Beach - Daman

Jampore Beach of Daman is a serene beach which is safe for swimming; it is a favorite picnic spot for families.



Mirasol Resort and Water Park - Daman

Mirasol Water park is a wholly man-made wonder set on a lake with acres of greenery all around it. Overall known as the popular amusement park, the Mirasol Resort and Water Park has wave pool.



Vaibhav Water Park - Daman

Vaibhav Water Park, spread over an area of 20 acres, is situated on the Kanta Vapi road, about 7 km away from Daman. This is a beautiful theme park, surrounded by farms of mangoes, coconut and chikoos.



Damanganga Tourist Complex - Daman

Daman Ganga Tourist Complex in Daman is a well planned and beautifully laid out garden or may be called a dream place for every tourist.



The Fort of St.Jerome - Daman

Fort of St. Jerome or Nani Daman Fort is situated in Nani Daman on the north side of the Damanganga River. Spread over an area of 12,250 sq.mt, the fort of St. Jerome was built in 1627.



The Fort of Moti Daman

The fort of Moti Daman is an architectural masterpiece designed in a polygonal shape, which was built in the16th century AD.  The fort is spread over an area of 30,000 sq. m. with ten bastions and two gateways.



Church of Bom Jesus - Daman

Church of Bom Jesus of Moti Daman is a very old monument showing an amazing craftsmanship of Portuguese artisans.



Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary - Daman

Built in ancient Gothic style, against the fort wall is the Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary with the statue of Mary of Rosary placed on the altar. The exquisite Portuguese carvings can be seen on the walls of the church of Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary.

Church of our Lady of Remedies - Daman

Church of Our Lady of Remedies, dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies, is a beautiful Gothic-style construction.



Church of Our Lady of Angustias - Daman

Church of Our Lady of Angustias is built on the grave of Agostinho Xavier de Silva Vidigal; it is also an example of master craftsmanship of Portuguese artists that worth a visit.

Light House - Daman

Light house is a major landmark of the city of Daman which is located within the Fort to provide a ready guidance and bearing fix to all inbound and outbound sea traffic. Light House provides a magnificent view from the Daman Ganga River Bridge.

Other Attractions of Daman

The recently developed Hilsa Aquarium displays a good collection of exotic and colorful fish which is also a major tourist attraction in Daman. Another attraction of Daman is Somanath Mahadev Temple.



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