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About Gangotri Dham - Uttarakhand Tourism

Gangotri is a beautiful tourist spot, which is located about 100 kms from Uttarkashi at an elevation of 3048 m in the Greater Himalayan Range. Gangotri is popular among tourists and pilgrims for being one of the four Char Dhams of Uttarakhand that has a great pilgrimage importance among Hindus. This panoramic travel destination is known as the source of the River Ganges and also the seat of Goddess Ganga.

It is believed that Goddess Ganga transformed herself into a river and came to the earth to cleanse the sins of King Bhagirath's forefathers. As per mythological belief, Lord Shiva sat at this spot to receive the Ganga in his matted locks. The river Ganga originates from the Gaumukh glacier about 18 km from the Gangotri temple. The river is  originally known as Bhagirathi, until it merges with River Alaknanda near the town of Devprayag. 

Situated on the banks of the holy river - Bhagirathi, Gangotri is an amazing picturesque tourist spot very near to the Indo-Tibetan border. The view of snow clad mountains and the majestic river Bhagirathi flowing next to the town provides a memorable experience to travellers. There is a natural rock Shivlinga (Jalamagna Shivalinga), which is submerged in the river and visible only in the early winters when the water level goes down. As the area is prone to heavy snow fall, the temple is opened only in the months of May to November for devotees and visitors. Non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly prohibited in this religious town. Gangotri is also an important destination for trekking and is part of lot of trekking tours. 

History of Gangotri - Uttarakhand Tourism

The Gangotri Temple was said to be built by a Gorkha Commander in the early years of the 18th century. It was later reconstructed by the kings of Jaipur. The origin of the holy river Ganga is at Gaumukh, set in the Gangotri Glacier (19 km trek from Gangotri).

According to Hindu Mythology, King Bhagirath, grand son of King Sagar, did penance for about 5500 years to cleanse the ashes of the 60000 sons of King Sagar. Lord Shiva pleased him and sent Goddess Ganga to the earth in the form of a river to absolve the sins of King Bhagirath’s ancestors. It is believed that Lord Shiva caught Ganga in his matted locks in Gangotri to control her force. So, the river is called Bhagirathi at the source and acquires the name Ganga (the Ganges) from Devprayag onwards where it meets the Alaknanda. The water from Gangotri is offered to Lord Shiva by the pilgrims.

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