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About Gopalpur-on-Sea - Orissa Tourism

Gopalpur-on-Sea is a beautiful beach resort in the Ganjam district of Orissa that is frequented by tourists for its spectacular beaches. Gopalpur-on-Sea was once a busy port that later turned into a calm and serene retreat for beach lovers. The beautiful golden beach here gained its stature as a popular tourist spot in the seventies with travellers coming here from the nearby states of West Bengal and Orissa. Gopalpur is highly popular among tourists from Kolkata, who visit this place in large numbers in the Winters. 

Gopalpur-on-sea provides a perfect serene and calm environment where travellers can get away from their busy life to spend time amidst nature. The panoramic palm fringed Gopalpur beach lined with blue water provides an unforgettable experience to visitors. Shopping is also a popular pastime for visitors with some unique handicrafts and souvenirs available here. Another important must visit tourist attraction here is the Lighthouse, which provides panoramic view of the surrounding areas. 

The city was an important port during the rule of East India company and visitors can still witness the European look in the city landscape with its European styled bungalows and houses. The tourism department of Orissa government is developing the region as one of the most popular beaches on the Eastern coast of India. There are options of water sports, boating, sailing and fishing at Gopalpur-on-sea for tourists. 

A tourist can just relax and enjoy the roar of waves and breeze bustling through the palm trees at Gopalpur-on-Sea. As the beach of Gopalpur-on-Sea faces east ward the sunrise at this place is also very spectacular. There is also a Light House on the beach (1965), which offers a spectacular 360 degree view of Gopalpur, the sea and a portion of the Chilika Lake. Visiting time is 1530 - 1730.

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