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Vittala Temple - Hampi

Vittala temple is an architectural highlight of Hampi, dedicated to Lord Vittala, an incarnation of Hindu god Lord Vishnu. The temple has many halls and shrines, with a unique thing about the halls are its extraordinary pillars with animated carvings on it.



Virupaksha Temple - Hampi

Virupaksha temple in Hampi is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. Virupaksha temple is believed to be one of the oldest active temples in India, whose functioning has never been interrupted.



Royal Enclosure - Hampi

Royal Enclosure of Hampi is a fortified campus that was once the seat of the erstwhile kings. The enclosure is an area in ruins now with many stately structures packed with numerous palace bases, underground temple, aquatic structures and the likes.



Hemakuta Hill Temples - Hampi

Hemakuta hill is basically a rocky hill with a large number of temples of pre- Vijayanagara (the empire), archways and pavilions which are noteworthy. The highlights of the Hemkuta hill are the sets of triple chambered temples with its pyramid like granite roofs.

Kadalekalu Ganesha - Hampi

Kadalekalu Ganesha is a giant statue of Lord Ganesha that is 4.6 meters (14 feet) tall sculpture carved out of a huge boulder situated on the slope of the Hemakuta Hill.



Sasivekalu Ganesha - Hampi

Sasivekalu Ganesha is a giant statue of Ganesha located inside an open pavilion. The potbelly of the god is in the shape of mustard seed and hence the name.



Lakshmi Narasimha - Hampi

Lakshmi Narasimha is a giant monolithic statue of the man-lion god, Lord Narsimha, one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. This is the largest icon in Hampi depicted in a cross-legged seated position.



Queen's Bath - Hampi

Queen’s Bath of Hampi, that looks like an indoor aquatic complex, belongs to the royal area of the capital.



Elephant Stables - Hampi

Elephant Stable was the shelter for the royal elephants in Hampi. This long structure is made of a series of chambers with domical roofs with each chamber being big enough to accommodate two elephants.



Hampi Bazaar

Hampi Bazaar, also known as Virupaksha Bazaar, is a market street located in front of Virupaksha temple. Both sides of the street are lined with a series of old pavilions, wherein some are of two storied.



Hazara Rama Temple - Hampi

Hazara Rama Temple is a popular tourist spot in Hampi that worth a visit. The first thing comes to mind on seeing Hazara Rama temple is the locally popular comic strips of Hindu mythology, Ramayana.



Riverside Trek Path - Hampi

Riverside Trek Path is scattered with numerous small shrines, carved artifacts and ruins of ancient structures. An important artifact on this path is the 1008 Siva Lingas carved in a matrix like pattern.



Zenana Enclosure - Hampi

Zenana enclosure was a secluded area in the royal enclosure that was reserved for the royal women. Major attraction of Zenana enclosure is the Lotus Mahal located at the southeast corner, which is a sprawling compound with a mud road running through the middle of the compound.



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