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Golconda Fort - Hyderabad

Golconda fort, a major tourist attraction of Hyderabad, is a majestic fort that lies on the western outskirts of Hyderabad city. The most remarkable feature of the Golconda fort is the acoustics of the fort.



Hussainsagar Lake - Hyderabad

Hussainsagar Lake was excavated in 1562 A.D. by Hussain Shah Wali that provides nice boating experience to the tourists and travelers. There is a world’s tallest monolithic statue of the Buddha.


Charminar - Hyderabad

Charminar, the most famous tourist attraction of Hyderabad, is built in Cazia architectural style with 4 Minars of 48.7 m height. It has 45 prayer spaces and a mosque inside it. Surrounding view of Hyderabad city can be enjoyed from the top of the Charminar.



Chow Mallah Palace - Hyderabad

Chow Mallah Palace, another tourist attraction of Hyderabad, is known for its four palaces that are in Moghal and European styles. The palace was built in 1857-69 by the Nizams.

Salar Jung Museum - Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum, a major tourist spot of Hyderabad, is an antiques museum that is the collection of Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Salar Jung III. There are plenty of art objects in the museum including Mughal miniatures, Persian carpets and many others.



Birla Mandir - Hyderabad

Birla Mandir, another tourist spot of Hyderabad, is a beautiful white marble temple with the replica of Lord Venkateshwara. Lord Venkateshwara of Birla Mandir is believed to be a replica of the one at Tirumala Tirupati.

Birla Planetarium - Hyderabad

Birla planetarium, an interesting tourist attraction of Hyderabad city, is one of the most modern planetariums in India, equipped with advanced Japanese technology showing the different aspects of advancement of science and technology.

Qutb Shahi Tombs - Hyderabad

Qutb Shahi tombs, the tombs of Qutb Shahi Kings of Hyderabad, are very unique in the world as this is the only place in the world where an entire dynasty has been buried at one place.



Mecca Masjid - Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid, the second largest mosque in India, was built by the Qutb Shahis with bricks brought from Mecca that were used in the central arch of the Mosque.The Masjid has the graves of the families of Asaf Jahi Kings.



Taramati Baradari - Hyderabad

Taramati Baradari of Hyderabad is a beautiful complex with lush green gardens that was built by the 7th Sultan of Golconda.



Nehru Zoological Park - Hyderabad

Nehru Zoological Park provides a beautiful natural habitat to 250 species of animals and birds. Major attractions of this favorite tourist spot of Hyderabad are Lion Safari Park, Natural History Museum and a Children’s Train.

Shilparamam - Hyderabad

Shilparamam is an amazing tourist attraction of Hyderabad that showcases arts and crafts of the country of India to enhance the visibility of the skills of Indian artisans and craftsmen.

Nizam‘S Silver Jubilee Museum - Hyderabad

Nizam‘S Silver Jubilee Museum is the Purani Haveli (Palace) of the Nizams that has been converted into a museum. The museum showcases fascinating collection of the Nizams with gifts and mementos that were presented to the last Nizam.



AP State Archaeological Museum - Hyderabad

A P State Archaeological museum, one of the major tourist attraction of Hyderabad, has an amazing collection of art objects including a Buddhist gallery, Arms & Armour and more.



Hyderabad Botanical Gardens

Hyderabad Botanical Garden is a beautiful Botanical garden in Andhra Pradesh that is spread over 120 acres. The Botanical garden can be visited by tourists to visits medicinal plants, timber trees, fruit trees, ornamental plants, aquatic plants and bamboos.

KBR National Park - Hyderabad

KBR National Park is a Southern tropical deciduous forest with 100 species of birds that can be visited by those tourists who love bird watching.


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