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Golconda Fort - Hyderabad

Golconda fort, a major tourist attraction of Hyderabad, is a majestic fort that lies on the western outskirts of Hyderabad city. The name of the fort originates from Telugu word “Golla konda” which means “Shepherd’s hill” as there is an old story according to which a shepherd found a lord idol on this hill and he gave it to the Kakatiya king who built a mud fort on this hill. The rule of Golconda passed from Kakatiya dynasty to Bahmani dynasty and later to the Qutb Shahis, who held it from 1518 to 1687 A.D. The first three Qutb Shahi kings rebuilt Golconda, over a span of 62 years. The stunning Golconda Fort lost its entire splendor and luster as the Mughals invaded and plundered this breathtaking wonder into a heap of ruins. Golconda was known for its diamond mines and it is believed that the famous ‘Kohinoor’ diamond also came from here. The fort has 8 gates or Darwazas with the main gate being called the Fateh Darwaza.


There are four small forts inside the Golconda fort with royal chambers, halls, temples, mosques and canons. The most remarkable feature of the Golconda fort is the acoustics of the fort which were especially included in the architecture for security purposes. Other attraction of the fort is the ingenious water supply system and the famous Fateh Rahben gun, one of the cannons used in the last siege of Golconda by Aurangzeb.

Another interesting attraction of the Golconda fort is the light and sound show that takes you through the exciting story of the Golconda fort.


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