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About Jaisalmer - Rajasthan Tourism

Jaisalmer is a popular tourist destination in Western part of Rajasthan, located close to the Indo-Pak border. Together with the cities of Jodhpur and Bikaner, Jaisalmer constitutes the desert tourist circuit of Rajasthan. The best attraction for travelers here are the sand dunes of Thar desert, which can be ramble on a camel safari.

There are multiple monuments in Jaisalmer standing as an illustration of the glorious past of this city. One of the main tourist attraction here is the Jaisalmer fort standing on a hill, which tourists will find as simply overwhelming. Jaisalmer also has other monuments that are popular among travelers including  the mansions or havelis in the city, built by the wealthy merchants of city. Two of the most striking havelis here are Salim ji ki Haveli and Nathmal ji ki haveli. The main fort located on top of a hill has beautiful Jain temples and an old palace inside. The art and scuplture of these monuments are commendable and unique. Travelers can also opt for shopping at Sadar Bazar, the main market of Jaisalmer, though they should be ready to bargain hard.

Located at a distance of 575 km from state capital of Jaipur, Jaisalmer seems like a city from the Arabian Nights book. The city was founded by Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal in the year 1156 AD. The city's name means 'the hill fort of Jaisal', who was the founding king of this place. Jaislamer is also known as the 'Golden city of India' because of the golden tinge that is given to the city by the yellow sandstone used in the buildings here.  

History of Jaisalmer - Rajasthan Tourism

History says that Jaisalmer area was part of Gurjar - Pratihara Empire until the 11th century. In 1156 Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput ruler, founded the fort and city of Jaisalmer, and made it his capital. In 1293, Ala-ud-din Khilji and his army captured and despoiled the fort and city of Jaisalmer, so that for some time it was quite deserted.

After that during the reign of Rawal Sahal Singh, the Rawals of Jaisalmer agreed to pay an annual tribute to the Delhi Sultans. During the British Raj, Jaisalmer was the seat of a princely state, ruled by the Bhati clan of Rajputs. At present the city of Jaisalmer is under the Government of India, a lot of welfare work is carried out by Royal Family still today.

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