Kodaikanal Tourism, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal Tourism

About Kodaikanal - Tamil Nadu Tourism

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station that is a perfect weekend getaway for tourists from Bangalore and Chennai. This panoramic tourist spot is a beautiful town located amongst the hills of Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal was established by the British as a refuge from the high temperatures of the plains in summer. The city has been a popular and active tourist destination since pre-independence era. Travellers will love the beauty of Kodaikanal’s that lies in its long stretches of forests, lakes and green pastures.

Kodaikanal in Tamil language means "The gift of the forest". Kodaikanal is full of natural beauty with its green forests and parks surrounded among the hills being a perfect treat for travellers. The popular tourist attractions for natural lovers are Kodaikanal lake, Bryant Park, and Silver Cascade watefalls. Kodaikanal also has some popular view points from where travellers can get a panoramice view of the hill station - Silent Valley View, Berijam Lake View, Green Valley View, and Coakers Walk. Kodaikanal is also home to various churches and temples, with the most popular among them being the La Saleth Church. Kodaikanal also provides tourists with opportunities to enjoy activities like horse riding, boating in Kodaikanal lake, trekking along known treks like Perumalmalai trek or trek to Dolphin nose, or play golf at Kodaikanal golf club.

Kodaikanal is located at an altitude of 2,133 m above sea level, spread in an area of 21.45 sq. km. The hill town is also popular for being home to some of the best educational institutes with international repute. Visitors can also shop here from an exclusive range of spices, home made chocolates, pottery and oils. 

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