KORAPUT Tourism, Orissa

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About Koraput - Orissa Tourism

Koraput is a perfect natural treat for tourists with its panoramic landscape surrounded by lush green forests, majestic mountains and bustling waterfalls. Koraput is a part of the tribal belt of Orissa and is home to many adivasi communities.

The dense forest of the region is abode to many aboriginal tribes that are of high interest to tourists. The green cover of the area is speedily reducing with the industrialization of the area due to the high availability of natural resources. However, due to deforestation and industrialization these tribes of Koraput are adopting to modernity. The best time for tourists to get a glimpse of tribal culture and traditions is during the tribal festival called Parab which is organized in Koraput in the month of November (2nd-3rd week).

Travellers should give due respect to the culture and traditions of the adivasis and be considerate towards their privacy. One of the main tourist attraction in Koraput is the Jagannath temple, also known as Sabara Srikhetra, which is frequented by large number of pilgrims everyday. Other major travel attractions in Koraput district are its magnificent waterfalls including Duduma, Bagra and Khandahati. Another must visit place around Koraput is the well known cave shrine of Gupteshwar, located around 80 km from city. 

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