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Rann of Kutch - Gujarat Tourism

Kutch is a slowly picking up tourist destination in Gujarat that is attracting large number of tourists with its vast desert (the Rann of Kutch) and long coast line beaches. Kutch district is a gaining popularity among travellers for its uniqueness in terms of culture and traditions, along with the famous crafts and embroidery works.

Kutch is the largest border district in the Indian sub continent and the second largest district in India. The major towns in the district of Kutch are Bhuj, Anjar, Mandvi, Lakhpat, Bhachau, Mundra, Abdasa-Nalia, Rapar, and Nakhatrana. Bhuj is known as capital of this district and is an ideal starting point for travellers to visit the Rann of Kutch with good connectivity options with major cities of India. The great Rann of Kutch lies to the north and the little Rann of Kutch to the south. 

The word Kutch means something that become alternately wet and dry, which is based on the fact that Rann of Kutch becomes submerged under water during the rains. The Rann is famous among travellers for its desert's snow white like appearance that is created by the marshy salt layer. 

Kutch provides a wide array of tourist attractions that starts from the beautiful palaces and architectural marvels of Kutch including Prag Mahal, Aaina Mahal, Ramkund Stepwell, along with natural attractions for travellers including Narayan Sarovar, Wild Ass Sanctuary, and Chinkara Sanctuary. History loving tourists will also like the historical site of Dholavira that belongs to Harrapan culture. Pilgrimage travellers would find lot of interests in the area including Jain pilgrimage site Palitana, Hindu pilgrimage site Koteshwar temple, Kera Shiv temple etc. 

The Rann Mahotsav of Kutch is also becoming very popular among tourists, which is a month long carnival organized by the Gujarat state government. Rann Mahotsav is a grand festival in Gujarat that showcases the unique culture, traditions, local arts and crafts of region. There are lot of options for travellers to buy and shop here, with some of the handicrafts and creation being very expensive. The festival is organized around the full moon nights of winter. The Rann of Utsav for this year would be organized during the period of 15 Dec, 2013 to 31st January, 2014. 

Kutch - Tourist Attractions

Wildlife Tourist Attractions  
 Chinkara Sanctuary  Wild Ass Sanctuary
Religious Tourist Attractions
 Koteshwar Temple  Lakhpat - Gurudwara  Narayan Sarovar
 Palitana - Jain Pilgrimage  Kera Shiva Temple  Anjar - Swaminarayan Temple
Historical Tourist Attractions  
 Dholavira  Vijay Vilas Palace  Prag Mahal
 Aaina Mahal  Bhuj
Natural Tourist Attractions  
 Mandvi Beach
Other Tourist Attractions  
 Mandvi Ship Building Yard  Bhujodi Craft Village  Kutch Museum
 Kutch Ports

Kutch History - Kutch Tourism

The history of Kutch is very closely related to the Indus Valley Civilization that was the first ever civilized societies. Some of the major towns of Indus Valley Civilization are in Kutch including Dholavira. Kutch was ruled by the Jadeja Rajputs for centuries.


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