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Mumbai, once known as Bombay, is famous among tourists as the city that never sleeps. This financial capital of India has a plethora of attractions that provide something for all kind of travelers. Mumbai is a very vibrant and energetic city with a very diverse and multi-cultural lifestyle. It is known for its cosmopolitan culture with options for tourists to witness some of the best performances in the area of music, dance and drama. Mumbai is also known as the hub of Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood, which produces the largest number of films in the world.

The most important tourist attraction of Mumbai is the Gateway of India, which is an striking monument with an arch shaped architecture, located right next to the coast of Arabian Sea. The city is also famous for its religious attractions including Mahalaxmi temple, Siddhivinayak temple and Haji Ali Shrine. Travelers interested in getting a glimpse of Bollywood, the biggest film industry in India, should visit the ‘film city’ for sure.

There are some well-known beaches here including Juhu beach, Versova beach, however, travelers should not expect much here as they are dirty and over-crowded by local visitors. There are also multiple museums and galleries in the city that are worth a visit like RBI museum, Prince of Wales museum and Jehangi art gallery.

The night life of the city is also worth noting with lot of famous pubs, nightclubs and restaurants in the city. There are plenty of well-known restaurants, cafes and fast food joints in Mumbai with all kind of food varieties. Some of the well-known delicacies of Mumbai are pao-bhaji, vada pav, and chaat. Mumbai has too much to offer to travelers interested in shopping with its old markets and modern shopping malls. Visitors will find the best deals in the old traditional markets like Crawford market, Chor bazaar, Zaveri Bazaar and Fashion Street, but they should be ready to bargain hard.

Mumbai was once a cluster of seven islands, which was presented as dowry to King Charles II when he married Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal. These clusters of islands were joined with time to form a single island, which is the biggest city in Indian now. The earlier name of this city, Bombay meaning “Beautiful bay”, was given by Portuguese. The name of the city was officially changed in the year 1995. Mumbai is named after the local deity “Mumba devi”.

Mumbai History - Maharashtra Tourism

Mumbai, the capital city of the Maharashtra state of India, is built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands: Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli and little Colaba. The islands were occupied between the 2nd century BC and 9th century CE by various dynasties: Satavahanas, Western Kshatrapas, Abhiras, Vakatakas, Kalachuris, Konkan Mauryas, Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas, before being ruled by the Silhara dynasty from 810 to 1260. There are very old edifices in the city built during this period including Jogeshwari Caves (between 520 to 525), Elephanta Caves (between the 6th to 7th centuries), and Walkeshwar Temple (10th century).

The islands were later governed by the independent Gujarat Sultanate, which was established in 1407. The Sultanate's patronage led to the construction of many mosques, prominent being the Haji Ali Dargah in Worli, built in honour of the Muslim saint Haji Ali in 1431. Sultan Bahadur Shah of the Gujarat Sultanate signed the Treaty of Bassein with the Portuguese Empire in 1534, through which the seven islands of Bombay, the nearby strategic town of Bassein were offered to the Portuguese. On 11 May 1661, the marriage treaty of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King John IV of Portugal, placed the islands in possession of the British Empire, as part of Catherine's dowry to Charles.


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