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Mussoorie, a city in the Dehradun District of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, is a beautiful hill station situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges. Popularly known among tourists as the Queen of Hills, Mussorie is located about 300 kms from Delhi and 35 kms from Dehradun. A popular hill resort of Uttarkhand, this picturesque place offers a majestic view of the Himalayan snow ranges and the Doon Valley. 

The name Mussoorie is derived from 'Mansoor', a shrub which is found a lot in the area. The highest point here is Lal Tibba with a height of over 2,290 metres. One of the main tourist attraction here is the Mall road, which is surrounded by restaurants, viewpoints and other recreational activity shops. The Mall extends from the Cloud's end in the West to Rockville in the East. Another major attraction in Mussoorie, a must visit for travellers, is Gun hill, which is the second highest peak here. Gun hill provides a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, and can be reached by visitors using a ropeway.

There is also a nature walk in the city known as "Camel's back road," which is named like that as the shape of it resembles a Camel's hump. There are also two very beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity of city, known as Kempty Falls and Jharipani Falls. Mussoorie is surrounded by the towns of Landour, Barlowganj and Jharipani, which are considered as part of the 'Greater Mussoorie' region. The small towns of Landour and Jharipani are less commercialized and provide a great natural experience to travellers while strolling through the greenery covered roads around the hills. This fascinating hill station is also the 'Gateway' to the pilgrimage towns of Gangotri and Yamunotri, which are the originating points of River Ganga and Yamuna. 

Apart from its popularity among travellers for its scenic beauty, Mussoorie is also known for prestigious educational institutions and training facilities. St. George‚Äôs College, Woodstock School and the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, are the some of the well known institutions in Mussoorie. 

History of Mussoorie - Uttarakhand Tourism

Mussoorie is also known as the Queen of Hills and draws its name from Mansoor, an indigenous shrub found in the area. The hill-station was founded by General Frederick Young during the English rule in the early part of 19th century. General Young was then a lieutenant and discovered Mussoorie as an ideal hunting spot for the game that abounded here. It is said that the beauty of the hill station impressed the military officer a lot, so he built a home to reside at the place in 1832. Following his example, others Europeans arrived at the hill station.

As mentioned in Skanda Purana, Dun formed part of the region called Kedar Khand which was included in the kingdom of Ashoka by the end of the 3rd century B.C. It remained the part of the Garhwal kingdom for centuries. Gorkhas were expelled from Garhwal Region by the British in 1815. During 1920s and 1930s, the Nehru family became the frequent visitors to Mussoorie. In April 1959, the Tibetan Government in Exile was also established by Dalai Lama in Mussoorie. The first Tibetan school was established in Mussoorie in 1960.

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