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Nagarjuna Sagar, located about 150 km from Hyderabad in Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh, is a huge irrigation project on River Krishna. Thousands of travellers visit Nagarjuna Sagar to view world’s tallest masonry dam that irrigates over 10 lakh acres of land. Tourists must visit Nagarjuana Sagar to view this marvellous man-made structure and enjoy the panoramic view created by the green surrounding around the huge water reservoir created by the dam. 

Another important attraction for tourists visiting Naragarjuna sagar are the large excavations of Buddhist civilization that took place in this area during the construction of the dam. Many of the relics unearthed during these excavations have been preserved on an island called Nagarjuna Konda, located in the centre of a man-made lake. Further, the relocation of the Buddhist University took place wherein the vestiges of a sacred Buddhist Stupa, Vihara, Monastries, a University and a sacrificial altar have been carefully reconstructed at Anupu that lies on the east of the reservoir.

The dam is 150m tall and 1.6 km long with 26 water gates, and has created a huge water reservoir with capacity of 11,472 Million cubic meters. Nagarjuna Sagar dam was one of the first huge irrigation projects initiated by Government of India, as a part of Green revolution. The construction of Nagarjuna sagar dam took 10 years, started in the year 1955 and inaugurated in the year 1967, by then prime minister Indira Gandhi. Nagarjuna Sagar got its name after the name from the Buddhist saint and scholar Acharya Nagarjuna who is said to have set up a centre of learning here.


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