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Nagpur is the second largest city of Maharashtra and the main city of Vidarbha region that stretches in the north-eastern part of Maharashtra. The city is also known as the Orange city of India for being the major producer of Oranges. The estimated area under Orange cultivation in Nagpur is around 80000 hectares, with around 5 lakh tons of Orange production. 

Nagpur is the best place for tourists to start their journey to the travel destinations of Vidarbha region that includes wildlife sanctuaries, forts, and religious sites. Some of the major tourist attractions near Nagpur are Adasa, Gavilgad Fort, and Pench National Park. Within the city limits travellers can visit Dragon Palace temple, Jaadu Mahal and Deeksha Bhoomi

The city is also known for the Zero Mile Marker, which is a indicator of the fact that it is the geographical center of India. The name of Nagpur is after the river 'Nag' (meaning snake) that flows through the city in snake movement style. Nagpur was founded by the Gond King, Bakht Buland Shah in the 18th century. Nagpur was merged with the state of Maharashtra including the Vidarbha region in 1960 due to its large Marathi speaking population. 

The city of Nagpur is located about 840 km from Mumbai and has direct flights from all the major cities of India. The nearest airport to Nagpur is Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai. The city is also well connected to all the major cities through rail network. The best time to visit Nagpur is from October to March as the weather in the summers is very hot. 


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