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Nashik, located 180 km from Mumbai, is the fourth largest and the fastest growing city in the state of  Maharashtra. This holy city is located in the Western Ghats and is frequented by tourists due to its proximity to multiple holy sites including the famous pilgrimage centre of Shirdi. There is a belief that Lord Rama spent 14 years of his exile along with Lakshman and Sita in Tapovan near Nashik. It is also believed that Ravana's sister Shoorppanalakha got her nose cut by Laxmana here. The famous Kumbh Mela of international reputation is also organized here on the banks of River Godavari. 

One of the main tourist attraction in Nashik is the Trimbakeshwar temple, which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India that are considered as very holy by Hindus. Other important places to visit within the city are Tapovan - a beautiful picnic spot, Panchvati - with numerous holy spots, Ramkund - on the banks of Godavari River, and Shree Sunder Narayan temple. Nashik is also considered as the starting point for pilgrims to travel to Shirdi, abode of Shri Sai Baba, due to its easy connectivity by rails and bus. The distance of Shirdi is around 285 kms from Nashik and takes around 6 hours by car. Another important tourist attraction around Nashik is Saputara, which is a picturesque hill station on the border between state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

This commercial city is also known as the wine capital of India, and provides some of the finest wines produced in India. Travellers can also enjoy activities like wine tasting adn wine shopping from shops and hotels in Nashik. Tourists can also take a cab or bicycle to travel to the vineyards located in the surrounding areas of the city. 

Nashik is located among the picturesque Western Ghats with beautiful surroundings and pleasant weather. Nashik is also located on the green belt and is known as an important producer of grapes, strawberries and onions. The mandi (wholesaler market) of Nashik is worth a visit for its sheer size.

Nashik History - Maharashtra Tourism

Nashik holds an important position in Ramayana, and is believed to be the abode of Lord Rama during his 14 years exile from Ayodhya. Nashik is the place where Lakshman cut the nose of Surpanakha and that’s how the city got its name (from Sanskrit work “Nasika”). There is also a mention by famous philosopher, Ptolemy, about Nashik being country’s largest marketplace in 150 BC.


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