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Orchha holds a well deserved position in the tourism map of Madhya Pradesh tourism, famous for its palaces and temples built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Travellers will find all the monuments of Orchha to be spread in a small area, mostly located on the banks of the River Betwa. The exteriors & interiors of Orchha's palaces, temples and cenotaphs are a remarkable example of Bundela art. The best site for tourists are the reflection of these monuments in the water of Betwa river that is a must camera capture for travellers. 

The monuments of Orchha are known for their elegant architecture and the unique sequential development of domes, brackets, pillars, arches and ledges. Another important tourist attraction of Orchha are the world class mural paintings and the beautiful frescos on temple walls that keep the travellers spellbound.

Orchha is a small town of Tikamgarh district, located about 18 km from the city of Jhansi. Orchha meaning 'hidden' was the erstwhile capital of the Bundela rulers. In the 15th century, when the Tughlaqs (rulers of Delhi), pushed the Bundelkhand rulers out of Garkhundar they retreated to distant Orchha.

Orchha - Tourist Attractions

 Historical Tourist Attractions
 Orchha Fort Complex  Jahangir Mahal  Phool Bagh
 Orchha Chhatris  Raj Mahal  Rai Parveen Mahal
 Dauji Ki Haveli  Other Orchha Attractions
 Religious Tourist Attractions
 Orchha Temples

Orchha History - Orchha Tourism

Orchha was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap, who chose this stretch of land along the Betwa river as an ideal site for his capital. Among the succeeding rulers of Orchha, the most notable was Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo who built the exquisite Jehangir Mahal, a tiered palace crowned by graceful chhatris. The Jehangir Mahal gives an exquisite view of the soaring temple spires and cenotaphs of Orchha.

Orchha was attacked by the Mughals under the rule of Shahjahan in 17th century, who ruled Orchha during the later part of the century. The city was ruled by Hamir Singh in from 1848 to 1874 A.D and then by Maharaja Pratap Singh. The Orchha rulers later moved to Tikamgarh leaving Orchha very much deserted.

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