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About Pachmarhi - Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Pachmarhi, widely known as "Satpura ki Rani" is the only hill station for tourists in Madhya Pradesh situated at a height of 1000 meters in a valley of the Satpura Range. Pachmarhi, is a great tourist destination to holiday in the lap of nature, embracing the green shades in mountains and hearing the gentle murmur of flowing water. Pachmarhi is the place where beauty of nature can be enjoyed in enchanting ways. Travellers find the location to be full of scenic beauties including waterfalls, lush green hilllocks, temples and caves.

Pachmarhi town belongs to the Hoshangabad district and is covered by dense Sal forests along with deep ponds and lava hills. Travellers must visit the highest point in the central India region - Dhupgarh in Pachmarhi at a height of 1100 m.

Pachmarhi is a small town with little population whose main income comes from tourism or cantonment. Most of the activities in Pachmarhi revolves around tourism. 

Pachmarhi - Tourist Attractions

 Natural Tourist Attractions
 Priyadarshini Point  Pandava Caves  Apsara Vihar
 Rajat Pratap Fall  Raj Giri  Bee Falls
 Dutch Fall  Sunder Kund  Handi Khoh
 Dhoopgarh  Reachgarh  Ramya Kund
 Irene Pool
 Religious Tourist Attractions
 Catholic Church  Christ Church  Bade Mahadev
 Gupt Mahadev  Jata Shankar  Chauragarh

Pachmarhi History - Pachmarhi Tourism

Pachmarhi was discovered by James Forsyth - a British Army captain in the year 1857. Mr. James Forsyth also wrote a book named "The Highlands of Central India", in which he praised the beauty and serenity of Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi got its name from the five ancient caves in the region, with "Panch" means five and "Marhi" means caves. The place became a famous hill station among British tourists in the pre-independence era during the summer season. The hill station also became the summer capital of the British provinces in central region.

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