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Pune Tourism

About Pune - Maharashtra Tourism

Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra and the eighth largest metropolis in India. The city is known as the Oxford of India, due to the large number of universities and colleges in the city. Pune is also a growing industrial city with lot of Multi national companies and IT & Software centers opening here. Pune is considered as the cultural captial of Maharashtra, known for its classical music, theatre and art. The great Maratha ruler, Shivaji made this city as the headquarters of his dynasty that resulted in an all round development of the city. 

The unique location of Pune situated in the Western Ghats among verdant hills and beautiful lakes, makes it a perfect gateway for the hills and forts surrounding the city. Located at a height of 560 m above sea level, the city has a pleasant weather all year long. This modern city also has a glorious past that can still be seen in the ancient monuments and buildings here. The major historical monuments that are a must visit for tourists are Shanivar Wada - a seven storied palace, Pataleshwar cave temples - 8th century rock cut temples, and Aga Khan palace

One of the most important tourist attraction in Pune is the Osho ashram that is visited by Osho devotees from all around the world. The center also provides meditation courses here. The unique location of Pune surrounded by the Western Ghats makes it perfect to visit the multiple hill stations and other travel destinations in the surrounding region. The main hill stations around Pune that are frequented by travellers on weekend are Matheran, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Khandala and Lonavala. There are also some majestic forts situated on top of hills around Pune including Torna Fort, Lohagad & Visapur, Pratapgadh Fort, Raigad and Sinhagad

Pune History - Maharashtra Tourism

Pune has a glorified history behind it, especially because the city was the bastion of the legendary King Shivaji. The city remained as a Maratha bastion for a long time, and then the city moved to the Peshwas in the 18th century. Later the city of Pune was taken over by the East India Company, once the Maratha Empire started declining.


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