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Raipur, the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh, is an average travel destination that has some good tourist attractions including historical sites, old temples and picturesque picnic spots. There are multiple religious sites in and around Raipur that brings in pilgrims and travellers from the neighbouring regions. The important ones among them are Doodhadhari temple, Shadani Darbar, Champaran, and Dongargarh.

The city of Raipur is surrounded by Mahanadi River from the east and dense forest from the south. On the north-west of Raipur, there are Maikal Hills and the south there is Bastar Plateau. The city is also known for its natural beauty with many panoramic tourist spots in and around the city. Some of the key  picnic spots in and around Raipur are Budhapara Lake, Gandhi Udyan, Burha Talab, Nandanvan garden, and Raj Smriti Van. Wildlife lovers will also find plenty of attractions around Raipur including Sitanadi wildlife sanctuary, and Udanti wildlife sanctuary.

Raipur was formerly a part of Madhya Pradesh before the formation of Chhattisgarh state on November 1, 2000. Naya Raipur, being developed near Raipur, is fastly developing as a commercial and industrial town. The city is also known as "rice bowl of India", and is famous for growing hundreds of varieties of rice. Raipur and the surrounding region has become a major provider of coal, steel and aluminium. 

The best time to visit Raipur is from October to March, as the summers are very hot and humid. 


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