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Saputara is a picturesque hill station that is popular among tourists for being the only hill station in the state of Gujarat. This majestic hill station located at a height of 1000m above sea level, is the second highest plateau in the Sahyadri range and is in the midst of thick forests of Dangs District. The unique location of Saputara on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border, makes it popular among tourists from both Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

Saputara is a perfect retreat for travellers with panoramic surroudings including lakes, streams, woodlands and hills. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Saputara including lakes, temples, gardens, national parks, and museums. One of the most popular tourist spot here is the Saputara Lake located in the center of town with options of boating available for visitors. There are also multiple panoramic points in the hills in surrounding areas that provide breathtaking views to travellers. The main points that are a must visit for travellers include Sunset point, and Valley View point. There are also multiple beautiful gardens in the city including Rose garden, Step garden and Lake garden. The Step garden is a very beautiful one with steps like layout and design. 

The cool and pleasant weather of Saputara makes it perfect for travellers looking for a break from the summer of the states. The climate of Saputara remains pleasant around the year therefore attracts a crowd of visitors throughout the year. Saputara is also home to a Honey Bees center, that is a farm where tourists can experience the Honey Bees nurturing process and the honey extraction process. This beautiful hill station is located at a distance of 170 km from Surat, and 80 km from Nashik. There are also some beautiful tourist spots near Saputara including Gira Falls, Vansada National Park, Purna Sanctuary and Echo point

The word Saputara mean 'abode of serpents'. There is a lot to be explored here, which makes it a wonderful vacation spot with options for trekking  and nature walks for travellers around the Saputara Lake. The hill station also houses the a very long ropeway ‘Pushpak’ - that runs from Governor's hill to Sunset point. Tourists can also purchase pretty pieces of pottery, jewellery, vases, paintings, pen stands, and key chains from here, all made from bamboo chips and other locally found material.

Saputara History - Gujarat Tourism

There isn't much known about the history of Saputara. However, it is said that Lord Ram spent 11 years of his exile in the forests of Saputara. Saputara literally means 'abode of serpents,' which is due to the presence of a snake image on the shores of Sarpagana river, which flows through the town of Saputara.


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