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About Surguja - Chhattisgarh Tourism

Surguja, located in the northern part of the state of Chhattisgarh, is a beautiful tourist destination that brings in travelers to witness its panoramic natural landscapes and historical temples. Surguja is also a major tribal region, and the tribal influence makes the area more colorful and vibrant for tourists. There are many fascinating historical sites in the region including ancient temples, magnificent caves, gushing rivers and incredible waterfalls. 

The major religious sites in the region are Mahamaya temple, Kailash Cave, Kudargarhi temple, Shivpur Shiva temple, and Nageshwar temple. There are also multiple scenic tourist spots in Surguja region including Kendai waterfall, Tata pani, Ramgarh hill, and Pawai waterfall. Other must visit place for travelers are its wildlife attractions including Semersot wildlife sanctuary, Tamor Pingla wildlife sanctuary, and Sanjay national park

Surguja district shares borders with the states of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. The headquarter of Surguja district is Amibkapur, which is a small town and an important railway station that is well connected with a number of major cities of India. The major tribes living in the forest area of this region are Pando and Korwa tribes. 

According to legends, Lord Ram had visited Surguja during his 14 years of exile in to the forests and a number of places here are named after him, his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita like Ram garh, Laxman Garh and Sita Bhengra.

History of Surguja - Chhattisgarh Tourism

Surguja has a strong presence of old temples that confirm the existence of habitants in Surguja region before Christ (B.C.). The main rulers of Surguja regions are Maurya dynasty, Rajputa kings and later in 1820 the region was ruled by Maharaja Amar Singh.

Surguja is also beleived to be visited by Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman during their exile. There are lot of places in Surguja that are beleived to be connected to Ramayan period. The two major primitive tribes of Surguja region are Pando and Korwa, who are believed to be descendants of Pandavas and Kaurvas from Mahabharata period. These tribes still live in the forest region of Surguja district.


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