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Bhavani Island - Vijayawada

Bhavani Island is a small and beautiful estuary island in the Krishna River that is located near the Prakasam Barrage.



Victoria Museum - Viajayawada

Victoria museum, located on Bunder road in Viajayawada, is home to a varied and unique collection of artifacts including pre-historic tools, pottery, stone and copper plates, arms and armory and many more.



Gandhi Hill - Vijayawada

Gandhi hill is known for the 52 ft stupa that is situated at the top of this 500 ft hill. The seven stupas on this hill were built to pay tribute to the ‘Father of the nation’.

Raijv Gandhi Park - Vijayawada

Raijv Gandhi Park, developed by the Vijayawada municipal corporation, is a beautiful tourist spot with a mini zoo and a musical water fountain. It is a perfect spot for picnic.

Prakasam Barrage - Vijayawada

Prakasam Barrage of Vijayawada is a 1223.5 mt long barrage on River Krishna. A walk in the evening on the barrage provides a nice view of the beautiful lake created by the barrage.

Kanaka Durga Temple - Vijayawada

Kanak Durga Temple of Vijaywada is a beautiful temple located on the Indrakiladri hill that provides a great view of the city and surrounding areas.




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