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West Bengal is an important travel destination in the Eastern region of India. The state of West Bengal is a perfect treat for tourists with its beautiful hill stations located in the HImalayan range, historical cities with magnificent monuments and natural habitats and wildlife destinations. The natural scenic beauty of the state is commendable that stretches from the Himalayas in the north to Bay of Bengal in the south. 

West Bengal holds an important position in the colonial history of India. The current capital of West Bengal, Kolkata was the capital of British India in the 19th century. The majestic monuments of the state are illustrations of the influence of European culture on the architecture of country. Another important heritage attraction in West Bengal is the city of Murshidabad that is home to many charming monuments that have a blend of Islamic and European architecture. 

Kolkata is one of the most important travel destination in West Bengal that is popular for its European styled palaces, mansions and other historical monuments. Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill station in India, which is also known by the name of 'Queen of hills'. West Bengal is also home to some of the most scenic hill stations in India that are located in the region around Darjeeling. Another must visit travel destination in the state is Sundarbans Wildlife parks, which is the largest mangrove forest. 

West Bengal has long stretches of Beaches that are located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. The stretch from Gangetic Delta to the state of Orissa has lot of popular beaches including Digha, Mandarmani, Bakkhali, and Gangasagar. The beaches of West Bengal are with hard sand where tourists can also drive along the coastline. 


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